Tokoloho Ramapepe is taking the radio industry by storm

By Faeza
17 December 2015

Profile: Tokoloho Ramapepe by Athabile Mrasi 

 Tokoloho Ramapepe is taking the radio industry by storm and she is definitely making a statement

Tokoloho Ramapepe better known as Toko, was born and bred in Diepkloof, Soweto on the 20th April 1987 and she is the first of three children in her family.

The beautiful and bubbly radio personality hosts the Epic Rhythm Weekends show from six to 10 pm, on the award winning radio station, Khaya fm.Toko was introduced to the industry in 2008 after graduating. She has a three year media Studies Diploma from Boston Media House, where she majored in Public Relations and Media Production. She also holds a Television Production Certificate from On Cu Communications.

After graduating she became an intern at Drum Magazine as an entertainment journalist, where she stayed for a period of a year and also worked as a Communications Officer at the Department of Economic Development, then left and searched for greener pastures.

Lately Toko has been hitting the waves like no one else, she’s amongst the presenters who are doing a stand in for former Late Night Queen Nonn Botha’s Monday to Thursday show on the nine to 12 pm slot.

The 28 year old, has been building her public profile. She is known for being the MC of choice for industry related events and also for making it as a guest at  A-list events.

The world needs people, who are willing to sweat and go all out in order to succeed and Toko is definitely on the right track because she is aiming for the top. She is a hard-working, self-driven woman, who aspires to be an asset in every organisation she works for.

Toko says she enjoys the industry though it has its up’s and downs. “The industry is very fun, it has its ups and downs but I am driven by passion and that keeps me grounded.”

Currently she is the process of breaking into the TV industry; she is working with Soweto TV on an upcoming talk show and she is also a lecturer for On Cu Communications, where she co-ordinates and facilitates classes from content producing, news, presentation style and skills and radio dynamics for hopefuls.

Toko has a motto in life that keeps her on her feet “Never give up in life, live for today.”