Top gospel star robbed in Zim

By Faeza
04 February 2016

Andile ka Majola

An award winning gospel star Andile ka Majola and his crew got robbed in Zimbabwe on Wednesday.

This happened on their way back to South Africa after they had paid a visit in Zimbabwe, where Andile was invited to perform at one of the churches.

According to Andile, who was distraught when he spoke to Move! he was on his way back home travelling via Beit Bridge border, when they got robbed.

“They stole everything, mobile phones, laptops, CDs, money and our passports. We are struggling travelling back home when our car was broken into. Those people who robbed us  [made it hard for us] to pass the border as we don’t have necessary documents. We are also hungry as we don’t have cash on us,” he said in pain.

Andile also stated that the robbers took the money that was paid to them after performing at one of the churches in Zim.

“We really need help as we don’t know what to do. We are appealing to the South African government to help us in this situation,” he said.

Department of Home Affairs spokesperson, Mayihlome Tshwete said, “The best thing to do is that those guys who are affected is that they should go to the immigration officers at the border or at the South African Embassy in Zimbabwe, so that they can be assisted.”