By admin
26 August 2013

Ingredients you will need

10 potatoes, washed and boiled withskin on

2 long stalks of leek

Salt and pepper to taste

½ cup milk

½ cup cream

Oil for frying

4x 200g trout fillets with wholepepper on top (if you can’t find trout,use any fish of your choice)


Boil milk in saucepan then squashthe cooled potatoes roughly withyour hands, with skin still on, intothe saucepan.Add the leeks and cream andmix together well for about 5minutes or until the leeks aretender and have a nice brightgreen colour. Add salt and pepperto taste.In a separate pan, heat oil andadd the fish. Fry gently for about5 minutes on either side, or untilcooked through.

Serve the fishon a bed of mash.