True olives or wild olives

By Faeza
30 September 2015

Are you ready for the time which is coming?Are you now the branch of the True Olive or you are still holding on the wild olive? Are you one of those that will gladly go through the End Time Tribulations and be caught up and given an incorruptible body to meet our Messiah mid air?

My brethren this is not an easy task, you need to deny yourself and die to the glamours and glitters of this world and live a life that is in accordance to the set apart ones. Are you a good and faithful servant who is faithful over a few things to the joy of your Master?

My brethren examine yourself are you a compromiser of the law and statutes of the one who is to give you life eternal because of the love of the temporal life, temporal love, temporal riches or temporal health and fear of death and the love of the pleasures of this world?

In consideration of the life span of a man which can never be over 120 years which makes this life temporary. Do you follow the law of genuine love or do you ignore love and stick to the Law of Moses without love like the young rich ruler?

Shalom Pastor Washington

Kingdom Principles Ministry Of YaHWeH