Tumisho Masha thankful after surviving a five-hour hijack ordeal

By Faeza
23 August 2016

Actor and TV personality Tumisho Masha lives to tell his tale of a five-hour hijacking ordeal that happen to him on Sunday night in Soshanguve, north of Pretoria.

The actor’s PR agency issued a statement on Monday morning tell the public about the hijack ordeal.

“The actor who hails from Soshanguve‚ was on his way to Johannesburg from visiting friends and family in the area‚ when at around 10pm he was accosted by the hijackers and thrown into the boot of the car‚” the agency said in a statement.

“He was driven around for hours while the hijackers were locating the tracking device in car while he laid in the boot, and was finally released at approximately 02h45 Monday morning.”

He is unhurt‚ but emotionally traumatised‚ the statement said.

A case of hijacking and attempted murder has been opened with the police for investigation and possible arrest.

The actor was quoted saying “I am still in shock as we speak, and traumatised by what happened. It all happened so fast, and it only dawned on me while I had a gun held to my face that it was a hijack and I had to fully co-operate in order to live“.

Tumisho has plead with the public to report any suspicious activity and not be ‘held ransom’ to thugs.

"I urge members of our communities to please report any suspicious activities to the police so that we can get rid of our communities crime, and that we able to walk or drive freely without fear. A big problem with the crime situation is the lack of employment and business opportunities for the youth in the townships that worsen the situation," he said.