Tutu tweets: We are okay

By admin
08 August 2013

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu tweeted that he was “okay” following an early morning burglary at his Cape Town home.

The twitter account has since been suspended.

Burglars entered Tutu’s Milnerton, Cape Town, home while he and his wife Leah slept in their bed.

Tutu discovered his home had been broken into when he woke up at 05:00 on Tuesday morning, Eyewitness News reported.The burglars had stolen small items such as keys and remotes.

The 81-year-old Nobel Prize winner tweeted: “Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes about the burglary at our home. We are all okay. Love Arch.Tutu.”

The police's Andre Traut said authorities areinvestigating the circumstances surrounding the incident.

A member of the neighbourhood crime watch said burglaries are a common occurrence in the area, especially during winter.

- News24