Two sexual episodes and I genital warts

By admin
25 August 2013

I’m 22 and have had sex only twice. I have what a doctor calls genital warts and I’m starting to wonder what could be wrong with me. They are really painful and I always have to use a cream on them. What are they and how do they develop? Can they be cured?


Move! Expert Advice

Such bad luck that you became infected with a viral STI after only two sexual episodes.

Unfortunately, genital warts never fully go away, as they are caused by a virus that stays active in your body always. Sometimes the warts appear, other times they can stay away for months.

I suggest you speak to a clinic sister who can answer all your questions and tell you about how to manage this STI, and how to prevent transmission to a partner. She will also advise you on how to disclose this to a new partner. This is not shameful, so please take care of yourself and your future sexual experiences will be wonderful.