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By admin
22 May 2015

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When the drive home seems longer than it actually is, and as much as you want to do it like they do in Toyko, sometimes the fast & furious approach just won't do. You need to have a capable but calm driver behind the wheel who makes the journey float on by like only a 2gram can....ah to be young and wild and high!

The Drive by Nick Explicit is exhilarating, it's fast-paced adrenalin pumping, speed-bump and barrier breaking pure driving pleasure. Tackling the inclines that is politics, the bumps of the financial world and the red light that is the controversies of the world we live in. There's something for every driver's needs...he may not be Ryan Gosling...but when he drives you, boy does he drive you insanely, wildly, CRAZY in love with The Drive.