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14 December 2013


Serves 8 – 10

In many Xhosa households, Wednesday is umngqusho day. It’s the way we all  grew up. Like Fridays in the Eastern Cape are always dumplings with meat day.  Even if it’s not a Wednesday, Tata gets sad if days go by and I haven’t cooked  umngqusho. He will call me to come and ask “Where’s umngqusho?” In this  recipe I have used butter, but in rural communities people often use what Jewish  families call schmaltz and we call amafutha enkuku (chicken fat left over from  cooking) to add a richness at the end of the dish.  -Xoliswa Ndoyiya


1kg lamb tripe

750ml (3 cups) water, or to cover

10ml (2 tsp) salt

1 medium onion (about 100g), chopped

INSTRUCTIONS ?Clean the tripe thoroughly and wash well. Cut it  into 2cm x 2cm cubes and trim off any excess fat.  Put the tripe in a pot with enough water to cover  it. Add the salt and onion and bring to the boil,  then reduce the heat and cover, leaving a gap  for the steam to escape. Simmer until the tripe  is very soft, about 2 hours. The liquid will reduce  and the onion will caramelise to form a  thick gravy.  Serve hot with dumplings, umngqusho or pap.

Madiba’s favourite meals  from Ukutya Kwasekhaya: Tastes from Nelson Mandela's Kitchen by Xoliswa Ndoyiya, who  cooked for Nelson Mandela and his family for close to two decades