Understanding challenges

By admin
04 October 2013

A difficult challenge is a situation that makes you worried, unhappy or stressed, and you don’t know what to do about it. This situation usually makes demands on your time and energy.

Change your attitude

Don’t feel devastated when faced with difficulties – understand that they are part of life. By facing them and dealing with them, your life will be easier in the long term. If you want to improve your life, believing that you can get through this is the only attitude to have.

Identify the challenges in your life

Make a list of all the challenges in your life, even if it’s very long.

Separate the challenges There are two kinds of difficult challenges in life: those that are practical and those that are emotional.  A practical challenge is, for example, being unhappy in your work. It is something you do every day and it is something you can change. An emotional challenge is being faced with a situation that you can’t do much about – it’s reality, you don’t like it and you need to work through it. Dealing with a break up, sickness or death are typical examples of emotional challenges.