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Understanding honour

By Faeza
06 August 2015

Honor is an attitude you show to individual or to God whether they are watching you or not.In other words Honor is to show reverence to God or person in their presence or their absent eg. honouring God , Honoring your parents, honoring your spouse, honouring your spiritual leader. Honor is seen better in absence of the person you are honoring.

(Isaiah29:13) Many of us we honor with our lips but our heart's are reflecting something negative. Honor is a heart matter which means you open your heart to God or for the person. You develop good attitude towards them. Acknowledging and speaking good of them.The question is do I honor or do I impress others? Honor makes you stronger. it has benefits. Honor can unlock the doors of your life. Honor reveals your love to the one you honor, you cannot honor without love. Honor protects (1samauel 2:30).

Pastor James Khunwane

Restoration and revelation ministries international