Unlucky in love

By admin
18 December 2013

Tips:  Use your emotional intelligence.


• Choose on sexual attraction alone. Your relationship will be confined to the bedroom.

• Rush into a relationship. You need to go through situations that test what you can’t see or touch, such as his values, manners, priorities and interests.

• Make obvious bad choices – he’s an alcohol or drug addict, he’s a known womaniser or he’s married. Relationships are difficult enough without adding these problems.

• Ignore how he treats other people, especially women such as his sisters, mother and colleagues. The type of words he uses when he speaks to people is an eye-opener.

• Think he is the only man for you. There are plenty of decent guys who can treat you well.


• Be clear about your dreams and turn them into goals. You are defined by your dreams and achievements, not your partner.

• Write down what kind of person you’d like as a partner. What are all the qualities you’d like him to have? Which are the “top 10” qualities you look for? What qualities do you offer in return?