Unusual uses of lemons

By Faeza
13 June 2016

Tummy aches

The hydrochloric acid in lemons helps break down the food in your stomach. This will, in turn, relieve the pains. Squeeze a lemon into a cup, mix with warm water, and add a titch of honey to help the medicine go down. Lemons assist the action that keeps your system running smoothly. Lemon water every morning is a great way to go.

Breathing problems

Asthma and congested lungs and chests will benefit from lemons, because they will reduce the level of phlegm in your body. Suck a lemon when you have a sore throat or a cold. They have fabulous antibacterial properties.


Adding a squeeze of pure lemon juice to baking soda and then cleaning your teeth with an ear bud will help whiten them. Don’t do it too often, or leave on for longer than a minute if you want to save the enamel!

Food preservative

Quite amazing is the fact that lemons help other veggies and fruits to last longer. Simply squeeze some lemon juice over the produce. Prepared foods, too, like guacamole, apples and other fruits, will not go brown and look as if they are off even if that’s not the case.


As much as we might love them, there are areas which are no-go zones for cats. Not only will a quick spritz keep the kitties away, it will also deter roaches, fish moths and ants.

Source: www.HealthyLeo.com