Upcoming musician accuses Sammy Sosa of stealing his R20k

By Faeza
05 August 2016

Former Metro Fm and Power FM DJ Sammy Sosa is the latest celeb to have their dirty laundry dragged onto Twitter.

She trended most of Friday after a upcoming musician, Inno, stated that she stole his money.

According to a series of Tweets posted by Inno the two were suppose to work on a track together a few moths ago. Inno paid Sammy R20k as a deposit.

And on the day they were suppose to start recording Sammy did not pitch, but instead she started giving Inno the run around.

Inno's lawyers was about to deliver the letter of demand to her workplace when they found out she no longer works at Power FM and has moved to a different city.

Inno stated in one of his tweets that the reason he took this matter to Twitter was because he could not get hold of Sammy, she had blocked his calls and him on various social media platforms.





Sammy Sosa eventually took to Twitter to share her side of the story.

She stated that there are two sides two every story and will not be addressing this issue on Twitter.