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Use your cellphones to film sex predator teachers, Masutha tells pupils

By Faeza
18 April 2016

Pupils must film teachers who have affairs with pupils and demand sex for better grades, Justice Minister Michael Masutha said in Cape Town on Monday.

"It is illegal. It is criminal. I want them in my correctional facilities, so expose them. It's simple - use your cellphone," he told a group of school children attending a question-and-answer session with him.

He explained that the burden of proof lay with the accuser, so to prove their claims, pupils should record incidents or film them.

This was after a pupil complained about sex pest teachers during a discussion on the Constitution.

"You have the tools these days, thanks to technology, to deal with every problem."

He said the pupils should do the same with an uncle who was "touchy touchy", or anybody who behaved inappropriately around them.

Source: News24