Vaginal discharge that smells very bad

By admin
05 November 2013

“I have a vaginal discharge that smells very bad. Early last year it was white in colour and now it has changed to brownish and smells unpleasant. The doctor told me that I am inflected with warts. I also have a rash on the sides of the vagina, which is very painful. The doctor gave me three injections, pills, and cream to apply to a rash. There was no change after I had taken the treatment. I am so uncomfortable, especially when my husband and I are making love. The smell causes me to be ashamed. Please tell me what causes warts and how dangerous are they, and how I can heal them. –

Worried, Mpumalanga

Dear Worried

Genital warts are a sexually transmitted infection that a person catches from someone who is already infected. It is a virus, which means that it stays in your blood forever. You will have outbreaks at times, like when you are stressed or not feeling good.  The correct medication will take care of the warts when they appear and the pain and discomfort that goes with it. It is also advisable not to have any genital contact with your partner until the inflection has been treated.  It sounds as if you have another infection, not just warts. A bacterial infection has a bad smell and is brown or white in colour. This type of infection is easy to clear up with medication. However, your infection will only go away when your husband is treatment too. You are probably infecting each other every time you have sex.  You and your husband must go as soon as you to a family planning clinic, which will treat you for the sexually transmitted infections. You may be embarrassed, but it is better to be healthy and enjoy your sexuality.