Veteran actor Jet Novuka talks about his career

By Faeza
08 August 2016

He is a seasoned TV and film actor and is among the most recognized talented actors in Mzansi. Jet Novuka first burst into the entertainment industry at an early age and is best known for playing roles where he speaks isiXhosa well, of which he is proud of. On a personal level, Jet strongly believes that people should be rooted and must have a strong sense of identity.


Jet who has won the hearts of South Africans since he has been on TV tells Move! that he went to school for acting.“I am trained theatre actor by profession.  I graduated from Fuba School Of Drama And Visual Arts in 1985 and also got training from Funda Arts Centre. I was lucky that when I started with acting I had the opportunity to have some of the South Africa great actors coach me,” he says.

The 45-year-old always plays characters that seem to be believable and impress his fans says he also agree that actors should undergo training or attend workshops to help improve their craft.

Talking about his characters Jet says that, “there is no character that I have not played; I have even played a role of a psychopath. I play the roles that I get so well because as an actor I strongly believe that acting is about staying honest and true to the moment. I always seek to play roles that I have not come across in my life,’ tells the bubble actor.

Jet is very spiritual is person and believes that the gift of acting comes from God. “As actors we have the duty to constantly remember that our gift comes from God, and we must respect that and that which God has bestowed upon us.

He adds, “Art is special, art is therapy and in order for your character to be believable you need to forget about yourself and who you are and concentrate on doing justice to the character.”


While Jet is proud of how far he has come in the entertainment industry, he admits that he is not perfect but he says his passion has kept him grounded. “I have managed to stay in this industry for such a long time because understand the craft. I believe that staying humbled and respecting the people who gave you the job by simply giving it your all can take you a long way,” he say.

“I am not a celebrity I am an artists and that is how my private life is my life. I am not saying I am perfect but being humbled has made me to be one of the highest rating actors in South Africa,” adds the artist.

The Mthatha born and bred actor takes great pride in who he is. “I took a conscience decision to speak isiXhosa while acting because by doing so I also encourage people to take ownership in their language and to be comfortable in their own skin,” says Jet.


Jet recently played the role as Khonjwayo Mzansi Magic, Igazi. He says that Igazi got tremendous support from South Africans.

“The response to Igazi was great and people loved it,” he says.

He further adds that “research was done and among all the characters on Igazi my character as Khonjwayo was the most hated character,” tells the actor.

He is also well known for his roles on SABC3 soapie Isidingo  and SABC1 drama series Mfolozi Street.