Vusi Nova spent almost R900k on drugs

By Faeza
06 October 2016

On October 4 Afro Soul musician Vusi Nova was interviewed on Touch Central on the Gareth Cliff Show.

He spoke openly about his mother's passing, his sexuality, how he struggled with a drug addiction and how his career is currently booming.

He was raised by his grandmother in Port Elizabeth and at the age of 14 he moved to Johannesburg to live with his mother. After his mother died Vusi explains that he binged on drugs to numb the pain of her passing.

In the interview with Gareth, Vusi Nova explains how he spent R900 000 on drugs in a period of 10 months.

He explained how he would snort cocaine during the day and mandrax at night to help him sleep.

"Mandrax is a downer and cocaine is an upper," explains Vusi when Gareth asked the difference about the two drugs.

He explains that he did not go to rehab he says he went to school, changed friends and he told himself that he is going to stay away from the drugs.