Vuzu Amp

By Faeza
13 August 2015

Galavant Season 1 at 19h00

[Episode 2 – Joust Friends]

Galavant enters a jousting tournament; King Richard asks Gareth to help him become more masculine. John Stamos guest stars.

Pretty Little Liars Season VI at 19h30

[Episode 10]

Four friends band together against an anonymous foe who threatens to reveal their darkest secrets, while unraveling the mystery of the murder of their best friend.

Real Housewives of Atlanta Season VII at 20h30

[Episode – Reunion Part 1]

The three-part reunion begins as the ladies come together for the first time this season to set the record straight on all the drama. NeNe and Kandi get into a heated exchange of words when NeNe reveals her frustration towards Kandi for statements she’s made. Phaedra reflects on the emotional season she’s endured with her husband Apollo becoming incarcerated and shocks the group with surprising revelations about her marriage. Newbie Claudia discusses how she’s managed to thrive within this group of sassy Southern ladies, which leads to her and Porsha going head-to-head once again.

iZombie Season 1 at 21h30

[Episode 12]

Liv is taken back to high school when she investigates a teen's death following a late-night joyride that ended in disaster and a cover-up. Later, one of the victim's friends dies, which raises some serious questions about the case. Meanwhile, Major thinks Blaine's deli is not all it seems to be.