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02 April 2015

Preachers of LA Season 2 at 19h00

[Episode 11 – Meet The Godparents]

  Bishop Gibson and Pastor Haizlip enlist some real gang-bangers for their upcoming Gang Summit.  Pastor Chaney and Myesha expand their Saved, Sanctified and Sexual conference to include Pastor Alden, who as a 50 year-old virgin, preaches abstinence.   How to Get Away With Murder Season 1 at 20h00 [Episode 13- Mama’s Here Now]  

Nate is arrested, processed and sent to a prison cell. Rebecca is summoned to talk to the police. Wes needs to handle it with her. Rebecca pretty much throws him under the bus in her interview. In other news, Michaela, posing as a lady named Tammy, cozies up to the prosecutor on the case to get inside scoop on the case. She finds out what Rebecca said about Nate. Wes promises to clear things up. He heads over to the police station to learn that Rudy Walters was shipped to a psychiatric hospital after his OD and arrest.