By Faeza
08 June 2015

Preachers of Detroit Season 1 at 19h00

[Episode 5 – Ladies First]

Bishop Corletta Vaughn shakes up the church by empowering women to rise above their submissive roles. Pastor Bullock and Pastor Alden butt heads over safe sex and Pastor Shelby cautions The Shelby 5 against going secular with their music.

Scorpion Season 1 at 20h00

[Episode 7 – Father’s Day]

Three convicts break out of prison and the investigation reveals that one of the escapees is a brilliant hacker who is being forced to help the other two steal billions of dollars online. Meanwhile, Paige tries to manage expectations for Ralph when his father returns.

House Of Lies Season IV at 21h00

[Episode 8]

Marty and Jeannie entice Denna with a retaliatory business move against Ellis. Things get complicated between Doug and Kelsey. Clyde spends time with his father and is disturbed to see how similar they may be.

Veep Season 3 at 21h30

[Episode 8]

Selina prepares for a debate with her primary opponents and Mike's wife writes an article about the vice president.