Vuzu highlights

By Faeza
24 August 2015


Cougar Town Season 6 at 19h00

[Episode 11 – Climb That Hill]

In the 100th episode, the gang takes on new personal challenges: Jules tries to read a book for the first time, Grayson tries to listen to his friends and remember what they have to say, and Andy tries to keep his hand out of a place it doesn't belong.

Preachers of LA Season 2 at 19h30

[Episode – Prodigal Son]

When Pastor Jay and Lady Christy's troubled son comes home, the family must decide whether they can really let bygones be bygones. Pastor Wayne makes a big decision that doesn't sit well with Myesha, and Deitrick puts unwelcome pressure on Dominique.

Witches of East End Season 2 at 20h30

[Episode 6 – When A Mandragora Loves A Woman]

Joanna and Alex must put their past aside and focus on finding the Mandragora. Freya asks Dash to help save Ingrid. Sceptical of Freddie's loyalty, Wendy is wary of his actions.