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By admin
13 April 2015

New Girl Season 4 at 19h00 [Episode 1 – The Last Wedding]  

Jess and Co. attend the last wedding of the summer season and make a bet to see which of them can get lucky.     Project Runway: Threads at 20h30 [Episode 1- Ultimate Accessory]   Kelly Osbourne and Jaime King join "Project Runway: Threads" for a sneak peek into the future of fashion. Three teen fashion prodigies are challenged to create a red carpet look, but much to their surprise that is not all! There is much more. The twists and turns keep these young designers and their adult assistants on their toes and put some of their relationships to the test.     Getting On Season 2 at 21h30 [Episode 12 – Doctor Death]  

Dawn arrives for her shift and announces to DiDi that she married the security guard, Dennis Beardman, the previous night. DiDi has no idea how to respond, but ultimately agrees to let Dawn bring cake to the gift shop during DiDi’s evening shift so they can celebrate.