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08 May 2015

Selfie Season 1 at 18h30

[Episode 8 – Traumatic Party Stress Disorder]

  For his fortieth birthday, Henry requests that Eliza find him a meaningful gift, but when she buys him tickets to see his favorite band, it creates tension between Henry and Julia, the woman he's seeing.   Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 at 19h30

[Episode 1 – Guess Who’s Coming to the White Party]

  After a sudden and secret departure from Puerto Rico at the end of last season, Lisa Vanderpump is still wary of her formerly close friends, but is beginning to reconnect with Yolanda and Kyle. She has no interest in making amends with Brandi, who is also struggling to move past her own hurt. The ladies all come face-to-face at Kyle’s annual White Party and the over-the-top event is bigger and better than ever now that Mauricio’s real estate agency is selling houses upwards of $50 million. The social event of the season brings original Beverly Hills housewives Adrienne Maloof, Camille Grammer, and Taylor Armstrong back together. As unresolved issues come to the surface, Brandi is faced with making amends with both Lisa and Adrienne at the same event.   Braxton Family Values Season 3 at 20h30 and 21h30

[Episode 5 – Traci’s Bustin’ Out!]

Will the sisters put an end to all the bickering? Toni considers a major professional change, Traci hosts a Women’s Cancer Walk and Trina pushes a family clothing store idea.

[Episode 6 – Party in the DMV]

The sisters tangle with relatives at dad’s birthday party, then rush to Atlanta when mom Evelyn is hospitalised. Toni meets with Babyface.