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15 May 2015

Selfie Season 1 at 18h30

[Episode 13 – I woke up like this]

Eliza get a confidence boost when she learns that her new female role model/former middle school bully used Eliza's life as inspiration for her success. Henry tries to rid himself of his childhood poser status by learning how to ride a skateboard.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 at 19h30

[Episode 2 – Who Stalked J.R.?]

Kim and some hunky movers help Brandi move into her new house, but Brandi is more interested in the guys' abs than unpacking boxes.  Kyle and her family jet to Lake Tahoe in a private plane while Yolanda surprises David with a very special, and very revealing, dinner. Kim and Brandi celebrate being BFFs by dressing up in disguise to spy on Brandi's ex-boyfriend, J.R.

Braxton Family Values Season 3 at 20h30 and 21h30

[Episode 7 – A Diva’s Dilemma]

Trina shocks Toni while attending a charity event and the sisters become outraged when their store plans are altered.

[Episode 8 – What’s Cookin’ In The Over?]

Trina contemplates a big move, and the sisters get caught up competing against each other in an intense cook-off. Tamar exposes a surprise in the oven.