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06 May 2015

Parks and Recreation Season 7 at 19h00

[Episode 7- Donna and Joe]

  Donna and Joe's big day has almost arrived and the atmosphere is a little tense. Luckily, Donna has chosen April as her maid of honour. She knows April is tough enough to deal with her extended family. Twenty-eight Meagles are expected and Donna warns April that drama, fights, neediness, feuds and more are bound to break out. Craig is also helping out as a wedding planner - and he's perhaps the most nervous of all. He implores the wedding party to avoid uttering his latest trigger words, including bridge, groom, flowers - and even the name Craig.   Glee Season 6 at 20h30

[Episode 5 – The Hurt Locker: Part 2]

  Conclusion. Sue attempts to mend a relationship that she mistakenly thinks needs it, while Kitty tries to help Rachel find the perfect set list for the invitational and Sam recruits a football player for the glee club.   Sleepy Hollow Season 2 at 23h30

[Episode 5 – The Weeping Lady]

A ghostly spirit, the Weeping Lady, kills Ichabod's friend Caroline. After it attacks Abbie, Ichabod realises that the ghost is going after his loved ones and Katrina is her next intended victim.