Wandile Molebatsi talks about being married

By Faeza
02 August 2016

Actor, producer and father Wandile Molebatsi opens up about his marriage and fatherhood.

Known for his role popular movies such as Chappie and Million Colors, Wandile Molebatsi opens up to Move! about being a family man. With support from his wife Jessica, he works hard to stay on top of his game and provide for his family.


He proposed to his lovely fashion designer girlfriend Jessica Jane, who is now a Molebatsi. Wandile explains that they met while he was shooting Million Colors and that it was love at first sight.

“I remember going out on several dates with her, which is when I realized that Jessica was a woman I am going to marry. Our last date was when we went to Natal Midlands, and that’s when I proposed to her. I was scared but she made me the happiest man alive by saying yes,” he explains.

They got married three years ago, and Jessica gave birth to their son named Elijah Aruna Molebatsi. “He is nine month old, and I thank God because I get to watch him grow. He can be a little handful sometimes but I am so blessed,” he adds.

Wandile explains that his marriage has taught him a lot, about love, and not assuming that people know your thoughts.


Wandile told Move! that in marriage, challenges are there especially for young couples. The only right way to get over them is to ask for advise, and don’t be afraid ask for help.

“I don’t think there is any perfect marriage. Each couple has their own struggles and arguments are always there. My wife and I do have our ups and downs, but we work around them. I also think that challenges play a major role in our lives, I mean look how far we are now,” Wandile explains.

Wandile gets his mentorship from his older sibling, who guides him throughout. “My brother has been my hero when I feel like running away from my marriage; he has supported me from day one. I managed to man up because of him,” he says.


The actor explained about how Jessica is neat, and how she taught him to manage time and not over commit. It took time for him but he stated that he is getting there slowly but surely.

He says Jessica has been a good wife to him, and because she knows his daily job, it doesn’t affect her a lot.

“I am mainly working on film sets. The biggest pressures I have is to provide for my son and wife. She has been a massive blessing in terms of managing the work and my schedule,” he says.

Wandile is currently working on a television drama called Dreamworld, that air on SABC1 every Friday evening at 20:30PM. He is also working on a new film that will be released in 2017.

“I would like to act in a soapie, especially on Isidingo. It would be great if you with Motlatse Mafatshe,” he concludes.