Warm up, weight down

By admin
17 March 2015

Winter layers are always on-trend – as long as you’re not layering on the winter weight.

We all want to enjoy the comfort that winter food offers but keeping our health in check at the same time is no mean feat. The answer? #GetSweetSmart in autumn:

On-trend and in-shape: Forget the chic faux-fur gilet: this season’s winter must-have is Canderel Stevia – the healthy way to #GetSweetSmart. Canderel Stevia is derived from natural ingredients, tapping into centuries-old knowledge of the sweetening power of the Stevia plant. Stevia is almost 200 times sweeter than sugar – without the kilojoules.

MIY (Make It Yourself): Buying ready-made meals and desserts may be easy when you’re dashing between meetings or running after the kids, but there’s loads of added sugar in convenience foods. Why not MIY? Experiment with home-made meals, so you know exactly what’s going into your food. Feeling uncertain? Browse around the fabulous Canderel Kitchen for #GetSweetSmart recipes: www.canderel.co.za/recipes

Keep it hot: There are few winter gatherings that don’t call for a hot drink. Not only are they comforting, they also get circulation going. Experiment with herbal teas to enhance your mood: lavender tea works wonders for de-stressing and relaxation and peppermint for aiding digestion. Let your tea steep, and then add Canderel Stevia to your desired sweetness for a completely natural and kilojoule-free hot drink.

Breakfast bites: Dragging yourself out of bed on a frosty winter morning is never easy – let alone preparing a nutritious breakfast. However, eating breakfast is key to keeping energy levels up in lower temperatures. Our suggestion? Oats with cinnamon, apple and yoghurt, topped with a sprinkling of Canderel Stevia. Other perfect pairs include fresh cherries and hazelnuts, or pecan nuts and banana.

Clean and clean again: Why leave the cleaning until spring? Winter means more time spent indoors, so de-cluttering might just be the perfect pastime. If your space is organised, healthy eating will follow. Donate clothes you haven’t worn in six months or longer, and pair down to basics that are versatile and fit well. Approach your kitchen the same way, keeping only food that enhances your healthy lifestyle. For example, swap sugar for Canderel Stevia, to ensure you #GetSweetSmart.

Scent your home: Long hours, dark mornings and even darker evenings leave you feeling weary. And when you’re stressed, you head for comfort foods. Create a sanctuary in your home that instantly eases and relaxes. Boil a pot of water with cinnamon sticks, orange peel, cloves and vanilla. The calming autumn scent will permeate your home.

Indulge in luxurious layers in winter, without layering on winter weight. #GetSweetSmart: with great-tasting Canderel Stevia, small changes will make a big difference.