WATCH: Somizi has never had to come out of the “closet”

By Faeza
22 September 2016

TV and radio personality Somizi has never had to come out of the “closet”.

During an interview on 94.7 recently, Somgaga scratched any suggestions that he had hid his gayness when fathering his daughter.

"I've never been in the closet. I've never said that I'm straight. When you come out, is when you've been claiming to be straight. Have I ever?" Somizi asked.

The idols judge said he was always gay, even when he met his baby mama.

"She came to me, she likes me, and I made it clear. I said: 'I have a boyfriend'...Don't you think by now she would have gone to the papers or said: 'I was hurt. I was devastated when I found out that he was gay'. She said: 'Okay!'" Somizi added.

Somizi adamant he was never straight and at the time he had his daughter, he swung both ways.

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