Ways to deal with a hangover

By Faeza
18 August 2015

Some of us  go out with friends to have a couple of drinks every other weekend:

There are always consequences such as a hangover of going out.

Here Are Some of The Things To Deal With Hangover:

The body part that is able to carry you throughout your drinking spree is the liver. It is important to drink for you to drink multi-vitamin as a way to detox. Other symptoms of having a hangover is the heavy headache which can last you a day.

As you are busy detoxing, make sure you drink lots of fluids. If you don’t have some special drinks like coconut water, try pure water before you sleep or when you woke up.

The worse mistake people who drink alcohol normally commit is forgetting or is not to eat at all. Make sure you always eat properly before you leave for the party of or a club. That will help your body the following day when it is trying to fight hangover.