We all know the financial difficulties students go through during their time in tertiary or colleges

By Faeza
12 August 2015

We all have been there and in this current generation the pressure is far more than it was during our days. Every student wants to have a smartphone, an apple mac and to dress smart in order to be cool. In order to have all of these and not put pressure on your parents, the best way is to have a part time job.

Here are the following five advantages of working part time as student:

  • You stand a chance to benefit experience wise because when applying for a job after tertiary they will ask about your previous work experiences.

  • You will be able to earn some money which can help you be able to buy books for your education, be able to dress yourself, be able to buy yourself food and be able to buy appliances that are valuable to your studies.

  • You will acquire organisations skills but at the same you will have to learn time management, and it will help you be stress free, in order to copy with your studies and working.

  • Working part time will provide you with emotional growth because your thinking capabilities will not be the same.

  • Last but not least, part time jobs for students afford them a chance to be independent. You learn to provide for yourself and not rely on your parents.