We all know the saying, ‘summer bodies are made in winter’

By Faeza
11 August 2015

We all know the saying, ‘summer bodies are made in winter’ and many of us recall the feeling of shedding your winter layers to reveal a ‘not-so-hot bod’ thanks to months of hibernating (and good food of course)!

A holistic routine cannot be reiterated enough and Mio Skincare offers you tips to ensure that you get summer fit in winter while keeping your skin in tip-top condition.

  1. Buying a new gym outfit is the perfect motivation to run out the door and into the gym each day

  1. Ask a friend to join you – after all, that’s what friends are for

  1. Try out a new class and have a trainer motivate you

  1. Focus on an area of the body that you normally don’t pay attention to

  1. Explore – hop on a bike and take to open roads for a change of scenery

  1. Fight against the cold and try and stay as active as possible each day

  1. Create a schedule to help with routine and focus

  1. Love your body and maintain feel-good skin using Mio’s range of moisturising miracles and Workout Wonder, our muscle motivating gel to get your muscles working regardless of the weather

  1. Load your diet with omegas, protein, fruits (particularly bananas for pre and post workout), vegetables and water for optimum results

  1. Plan a vacation to keep yourself motivated and work towards a goal

Exercise tips

  • A 5 minute, light cardio warm up is the most effective way to get warmed up during the cold winter months and get your blood flowing.

  • Good-old fashion lunges – Take giant strides, dropping your hips low and pushing up on your front heel to really engage the glutes. By increasing muscle in these areas we help smooth out ‘orange peel’ skin and get better skin too!

  • Exercise doesn’t always need to be ‘huffing and puffing’, try a yoga class to work muscles while centering the mind

Products that work as hard as you do

Complement your winter routine with skincare products that work as hard as you do!

Mio Skincare’s Workout Wonder invigorating muscle motivating gel  R485

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