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We need God in our lives

By Faeza
24 June 2016


GOD’S word deals with every issue and many themes in our lives. Nothing is hidden from His watchful eye. He remains a holy God through the ages and charges all men to fear Him as the Bible says in Psalm 111:10.

Elijah said powerful and poignant words as he faced the prophets of Baal. He considered that he was God’s servant.

For him to testify about God while facing the prophets of Baal meant this was important for him. He wanted to declare before God that he considers himself as sent by the most high God.


We need deep repentance and the grace to admit that we are fallible and constitutionally weak unless God helps us.

The Bible lays a shocking truth in Job 4:18 when it says that, "God puts no trust in His servants and charges his angels with error." These words strike me at the core of my being. He is a holy God. This brings my prayer life into humble mumblings as I realise how mortal, weak and sometimes proud we can be, especially when we are blessed. At the time of his death, David led the assembly of Israel in beautiful praise of a God he had known from his youth.

He ascribed the acquisition of wealth, influence and the power to rule to God’s grace as he recalled that it is in God’s hand to give strength and power, and to exalt any man.


We need God’s intervention to tug at the hearts of those who lead our nations. Dialogue and argument is healthy and must continue, but this needs to happen in a respectful manner where no woman will be abused, elders will be respected and issues can get debated robustly without us shaming ourselves before the world and our children.


One of the worst things humanity faces is the struggle with the immoral nature we are born with. It impacts on sexual and spiritual immorality.

These are sins against our own bodies and sins that God admonishes us to run from as they tarnish His temple. We can resist the devil but there is no value in trying to resist sins of the flesh.

Most sins are outside the body, but sexual immorality is a sin against God and yourself (1 Corinthians 6:18). Paul treats this subject with great insight and a deep understanding of what the Holy Spirit continues to whisper to those who still have a conscience.


Our help is in the Lord (Psalm 121:2), and we have a high priest who came and became the sin offering so that we might be saved from sin and, might I add, from ourselves.