Weather Service says reports of storm a hoax

By Faeza
11 November 2016

The South African Weather Service said on Friday that reports of an impending severe storm was a hoax.

A WhatsApp voice note has been doing the rounds on social media, where a woman introduces herself as a ER24 employee, before warning of a massive storm.

"We would like to disassociate ourselves from reports of a severe storm that is coming," the service said.

"There will be heavy rains, thunderstorms and downfalls, but there will be no storms."

Meanwhile, ER24 has said they did not issue any WhatsApp voice note regarding a storm warning.

In the voice note, the woman is heard saying: "Just to let you know, the pictures that they are sending of this massive storm that are coming is not a hoax. It has been confirmed on emergency lines, it is going to be a severe storm and predictions are worse than yesterday."

She also urged people to head home.

However, ER24 spokesperson Russel Meiring condemned the voice note.

"The voice note was not issued by an official channel through ER24. We are in the process of determining the employment of the person who distributed the message," Meiring said.

Source: News24