What are the chances of me getting a divorce?

By admin
27 December 2013

“I have been married to a foreign guy for five years. Everything went well until his family moved into our flat with us. He was unemployed and decided to move out of the house with all his belongings. We said our goodbyes. He paid a visit in 2004 after he had found a job and said that he was planning to go home for one month to do a ritual. Since then our communication has been through e-mail. He told me he is trying to survive and will send some money for the children. He sent R1 200 and when I checked where the money came from I was told it was from America. He still sends us money and also sends e-mails daily. I want to divorce him, because we do not live together and I know that we cannot live together even if he comes back. “Another thing worries me: should anything happen to me, he will not be found. My two boys need a home and I can’t buy one because I need my husband’s signature on the documents. When I tell him, he tells me to ask his brother to sign, because he believes they look the same. What are the chances of me getting a divorce?” – Anonymous, e-mail

My dear Anonymous

I am sorry to hear this but also relieved that you have decided that you do not need him in your life anymore. I will be straight with you: may foreigners are very tricky. Most of the stories are true about them getting married to South African women not for love but so that they can get other benefits.

He lied to you about going home to do ritual. Instead he went to America. I suggest you get rid of him while the sun still shines. Go to the local office of the Department of Home Affairs and I assure you that they will help you.