What is important when deciding on a career?

By admin
08 November 2013

Know yourself well. Look at your abilities (what you are good at) and your skills, your personality traits and your interests.  The job requirements should come naturally to your personality. If, for example, you are a fairly reserved person who prefers her own company, you should not choose a career where chatting to people and spending most of your time in groups are part of the job.

Determine your interests – and remember that they can change over time. Interests are things that excite us and inspire us, and make us want to get up in the morning.  Get as much information as you can about the jobs you consider. Read as widely as possible, speak to a number of people in that type of job, visit their work places and ask whether you can “shadow” them for a day or two when you can learn through first-hand observation what it's like to work in that type of job.

Make lists of the pros and cons of each job. Be realistic about all the aspects of the job; don’t just see the glossy side, note down all the negative aspects of the job as well. And then decide if it is a suitable career for you.