What is involved in training to become a call-centre operator?

By admin
18 November 2013


If you have no previous call-centre operations experience, a background in reception, switchboard management, customer liaison or sales could be beneficial. Once you have been selected for a call-centre job, many companies will invest in training you themselves, because they will need to make sure that you have all the technical expertise about their products at your fingertips.

The other options are:


The Insurance Seta (Inseta) offers two learnerships:

• Long-term Insurance/Investment Call-centre Operator (NQF Level 4).

• Short-term Insurance: Personal/Domestic Call-centre Operator (NQF Level 4).

If you are selected for these learnerships, you will receive a small monthly allowance while you complete the required practical and academic work.

For more information about these two learnerships and how you could qualify for them, contact Mr Saber Patel at the Insurance Seta, on 011 544 200, e-mail: saberp@inseta.org.za, or PO Box 32035, Braamfontein 2017.

Other training courses

Damelin offers two diplomas relevant to the call-centre industry:

• Diploma in Call-centre Agent is a 50-hour part-time course that aims to teach the operations and dynamics of a call-centre environment. It covers the latest techniques for call-centre professionals and will help the person to work competently and confidently.

Admission requirements:

Numeracy at Grade 10 level.

Verbal and written English communication skills at Grade 11 level.

Computer operation skills at Grade 11 level.