What is wrong with me?

By admin
15 October 2013

“I feel my life is passing me by. I am a 30-year-old woman who has no child, no boyfriend and apparently no life. Most of the women my age are married or are involved with a partner, and they have children. Is there something wrong with me? Could you please advise me what I could be doing wrong maybe with guys?” – Concerned, Port Elizabeth     Move! Expert advice

I am sorry to hear this and suggest that you try to open up and mix with women in your age group. Join women get-togethers such as kitchen parties, secret pal’s parties and stokvels. This is how you can network with your peers and make friends, and it could lead to your getting the man of your dream. Keeping to yourself and staying indoors is not a solution, because your needs and wants won’t be fulfilled. You must go out there and make friends. People find self-confidence attractive, so love yourself first. Having a child won’t necessarily bring you happiness. Being yourself and loving yourself first are the secrets to a happier life. Good luck.