What men want

By admin
18 November 2013

“I enjoyed sex without a condom in my previous relationships, but now I’ve met a guy who wants to use a condom. I don’t want to use a condom because the sex is much better for both of us without it.” – Les, Durban

A real man answers: NkosI Mahlangu

“Sister, the sex could be better, but the risk is not worth it. I do understand that sex feels better and is much more intimate without a condom, especially if you are used to it. I have experienced sex without a condom and it was great. However, the stress of an unwanted pregnancy and the chance of getting a sexually transmitted disease or HIV wiped out all the fun of skin to skin. I now use condoms all the time. “You are lucky that you have a man who is smart enough to want protection. It shows that he cares about his health and yours. I suggest you change your attitude. We live in a dangerous time, when one sexual experience without a condom could cost you your life.”