What men want

By admin
12 December 2013

“I’ve been faking an orgasm for so long that I can’t remember the last time I had one. I’m scared to tell my partner because he thinks the sex is perfect between us. I want to cheat so I can reach an orgasm.”

A real man answers: Abner Mabizela.

I’ve faked having fun in the bedroom not once but three times. It’s exhausting pretending you’re satisfied when you are not. I didn’t tell any of my girlfriends that I wasn’t having fun to protect their feelings. Faking orgasms means you have to fake compliments and eventually the entire relationship. Honesty is the best policy. My current girlfriend had the guts to tell me when she couldn’t get an orgasm. I know where to touch her and what positions she likes to satisfy her. My advice to the lady is to tell her boyfriend about her difficulty and give him a chance to improve. Making love is all about teaching and learning – nobody is born perfect in the bedroom. Cheating is not the solution because an orgasm with the next guy won’t be guaranteed either.