What men want

By admin
16 December 2013

My friend who has been happy with her man for a long time suggested I use muthi to get my boyfriend to stay. She says I can get herbs that make the sex so good that my man won’t leave me. I never seem to keep any boyfriends. – Dorothy, Johannesburg.

A real man answers: Luba Quluba.

Shame, I feel sorry for the sister who can’t seem to keep relationships. I understand where she is coming from but I don’t think her friend is giving good advice.  Loneliness, disappointments, lack of trust in your partner and abuse can cause you to look for things outside yourself to find happiness. Muthi won’t make you more lovable or have better sex; it will make you desperate. I wouldn’t want someone to “bewitch” me or trick me into love. I don’t think the sister would want to be tricked into loving somebody either. If someone was really meant for you they will be yours. I suggest you be humble and trust yourself. No amount of muthi or great sex can make any man stay when he doesn’t want to.