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what the bible says about love , sex and divorce

By admin
29 April 2014

Reverend Thembelani Jentile is the resident senior pastor at Mamelodi Baptist Church explains ...

Soul ties happen when souls are knit together to become one flesh. This can easily be explained when we look at a marital relationship. Genesis 2:24 says: “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife and they will become one flesh.” In the following text, we get three principles of a marital relationship together. God, in a way we do not fully understand, enters into the marriage covenant and blesses it. The presence of God nullifies marriage as a ‘contract for happiness’. It is a ‘covenant of belonging’. This results in something better than happiness, which is maturity, intimacy and the birth of real love. Commitment is a word that is heard often these days, but covenant is more relevant to marital success. When commitment breaks down, the marriage covenant, like huge divine hands, holds a couple together when they can no longer hold each other.

There are three things that God accomplishes through marriage that He created us for.

Sex: We have been created with the longing for the other sex, not merely to satisfy the sex drive but also to fulfil an appetite for intimacy. And we need to be in a lasting environment with someone for that. Short-term relationships cannot satisfy this desire. We cannot get intimacy just via therapy sessions or by exploring another person’s body.

Growth: We have been created to grow, and marriage is an invitation to grow up. By being in a marriage, you are positioning yourself to be mentally, psychologically, physically and financially

fit to be a parent to someone. Being a parent means you cease to be a child and take on adult responsibility.

Love: We have been created to love. Marriage is a great place to learn tolove, and put your partner’s needs before your own. To love is to make an unconditional commitment to an imperfect human being.

This means that sexual relations always tie two souls together. This reality is not only experienced by married couples, it happens within any sexual relationship. Counselling for couples during premarital counseling sessions, we give couples the chance to confess their past sexual experiences and ask each other for forgiveness. After this, we conduct prayer to break the soul ties that resulted from sex. People who have ungodly soul ties find it difficult to bond with anyone else. Consequently, getting into a relationship without breaking soul ties is dangerous for Christians as we

believe that you bring everyone you had sexual contact with into your marriage.

Breaking soul ties releases a soul from past hurts and experiences. Destroy things received during an

Adulterous relationships, avoid unnecessary vows, forgive previous partners, and lastly, break the soul ties using the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth