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What to do when your blacklisted boyfriend wants you to take out a loan for him

By Faeza
17 February 2017

Anonymous from Daveyton writes:

I have been with my boyfriend for four years. Everything was fine until about a year ago.

He has been having financial problems and can’t cope with supporting the children he has with another woman. Two months ago, he asked me to take out a R20 000 loan in my name and said he will pay it every month as he is blacklisted. I love him but I'm scared. Please advise.

Move Expert responds:

Jennifer Papers, a counselling social worker at The Family Life Centre in Joburg, says, “You have a good reason to be scared. R20 000 is no small change. We all know the saying, 'Never mix family and money'. In this case, should it all go sour, you stand

the risk of losing a boyfriend and your money. You are also not married so there are no guarantees that your partner will stay after you’ve helped him out. However, if this is important to you, make sure you legally secure yourself. Seek assistance from a legal advisor to draw up a financial agreement between you and your partner, which will hold

him liable should anything happen in future. This agreement should also indicate the person responsible for payments of the monthly installments. If this man really loves you, he will understand that you are helping him and that signing an agreement is a small sacrifice to make on his part.”