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What traits do men notice first in women?

By Faeza
13 April 2016

The dating game is not an easy one - when getting ready for a date or a night out, we focus on everything that we think guys like. But do we really focus on the right things - maybe guys don't really care about your make-up, outfit or wearing the latest fashion, but notice something completely different from what we imagine.

Men are actually quite predictable and not so difficult to understand. There are commonly known things we are all aware of that guys are into, but what do they notice first? A survey conducted in the UK proves that there are several features that guys notice in the first meeting.

Although not all men are the same - there are certain definite feature that matter to all of them.

  10. Skin

Women tend to think that the perfect complexion matters the most, and we spend hours in front of the mirror to cover up our flaws with loads of make-up - surprisingly your skin is the last thing a guy notices.

9. Height

The general thought is that good things come in good packages, which seems to be incorrect, as men are more interested in several other features than your height, which places it at number nine on the list.

8. Bum

Most woman think that guys are regularly checking out their buttocks. Seems like men prefer many other features before looking at your derrière.

7.  Style

Breaking the bank on the latest fashion trends? The bad news is, your style does not make much of difference when a man looks at you first. But there is no harm in keeping it classy.

6. Legs

Interestingly enough, men would rather look at your legs before catching a glimpse of your bum. Legs, according to the survey, are sexier than a woman’s butt? We have some doubts here!

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