What you need to consider when drafting a will yourself

By Faeza
14 September 2015

For most people drawing up a will is something that they will “eventually get around to” and even when they do decide to draw one up - it is often done without much research or knowledge on how to get it right. Jacinta Bassuday, Legal Manager of Standard Trust Limited says “even a simple will needs to adhere to basic rules and omitting these rules, can invalidate your will”

The basic rules of drawing up a will are:

• It must be signed in the presence of two witnesses who are 14 years of age or older and are of sound mind.

• Witnesses cannot be people who will benefit from your will.

• Every page must be signed directly under the last words on each page. If you don’t do this, someone could add something later without you knowing.

• Any changes you make to your will must be in the presence of witnesses.

• If any of these rules are broken, your will may be declared invalid or it may be contested.