When a verse is turned into a cliche  

By Faeza
26 August 2015

When a preacher, declares to his congregation that, "The Bible says God made you the head not the tail" and end there. Usually the congregation would erupt like a volcano with ululation and applauding in loud voices, screamimg "Amen and Amen!". But in reality looking at one of the congregates' life from year to year, it seems to be dwindling, But one agrees with the preacher man when he makes such declaration.

Yet everything in one's life is not going well. One is going though crisis upon crisis. What is the problem? Does YaHWeH's words fail at times? By the way good life is not measured by affluence and problem free life, but by finding peace even in the middle of a storm. Looking at your neighbours who are not believers they have it all that which seems to makes life comfortable in their life. Why? Their daughters who spend more time in night clubs than at home seems to be rewarded with white weddings.


Pastor Washington

Kingdom Principles Ministry Of YAHWEH