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Which celeb would you like to meet

By admin
23 August 2013

There’s always someone famous, either dead or alive, who we wish we could meet and interview. Some of the greats who are on our list at Move! are the late, great Brenda Fassie and Miriam Makeba and our own local, living legend, Nelson Mandela. We spoke to some of our mzansi celebrities to find out who’s on their personal wish list and what they’d talk about if they got the chance to meet up with that special person?

Tina Musician:  I would love to interview Dorothy Masuka. She’s talented and still going strong. She’s always travelling overseas and making great music. I would ask her for advice on how she still does it.

Zola Hashatsi Presenter: It’s hard to think of only one person to meet, but I’d like to interview Kuli roberts. I’d ask her why she doesn’t want to date black men because I have such a crush on her. I know she’s old.

BaBalwa Rasane TV Presenter I’m into watching movies and I always wonder how people go about directing and producing great films. I would like to interview brad Pitt and I’d ask him when we’re going to produce and do a movie together.