Why you are still single

By admin
22 September 2014

Many women look in the mirror and see a beautiful successful woman and wonder how on earth they are still single. The truth is it isn’t all about your looks or your money but in many cases men make their minds up about you before you even go on the first date.

Don’t wait until the first date

Many women wait until the first date to start impressing a man they like when the truth is the first date won’t happen in the first place if he’s not impressed with you. You need to act like every conversation, casual meeting and text is your first date so he’ll actually want to be on a date with you in the first place.

Be strong but...

Traditionally women have been taught that men are looking for a damsel in distress , someone who needs saving but modern society has taught us that men are looking for miss independent , a no nonsense woman who can do everything themselves . In reality men are looking for a woman in the middle , a woman who can pay her bills , look after herself but isn’t too proud to let him carry the grocery bags , pay for dinner or open a jar for her .

Be clear without being desperate

Many men will never make a move on a woman they suspect will reject them or a woman who gives them the impression she wants to be his sister or his mother. Flirt with him and without sending him a long text about how you’ve been single for years and think he’s the one; let him know your intentions are romantic.

Remember your manners

It’s the smallest of things that show a guy you’re girlfriend or even marriage material, the kind of woman he would take home to his mother and one of the smallest things is your manners. Remember to say please and thank you, excuse me and be a lady; show him that you are a respectful woman and as such demand his respect.

Don’t compete

Most women secretly compete with their boyfriend or husbands ex, the trick is to do it secretly. If you smell like her, dressing like her and acting like a better version of his ex instead of being yourself, you are reminding him of the good times he had with her rather than creating good times of your own. Do not even mention his ex , keep her in the past , the sooner he forgets about her the better .

The most important trick is to keep it up, the reason he fell in love with you is the same reason he will stay with you.