why your lips have chapped

By Faeza
08 October 2015

Seasons can take its toll on lips because our lips don’t contain oil glands at all. This is why they become dry, crack and even bleed during different seasons. Taking care of your lips is much harder in winter than in spring and summer. Move! gives you tips on how to take care of your lips:

Different reasons for chapped lips:

¦ Weather change – hotter or colder.

¦ Ageing causes your lips to dry.

¦ Biting and licking your lips will result in cracked lips.

¦ Touching lips with fingers will transfer the bacteria on your hands to your lips and cause infections.

¦ Using too many chemicals on your lips.

¦ Drinking alcohol can cause skin irritation.

¦ Going to sleep with your lipstick still on.