Wife, 32, kills hubby with high-heeled shoe

By Faeza
15 March 2017

A Zambian woman, 32, has been arrested for allegedly killing her husband with a high-heeled shoe, a report says.

According to Lusaka Times, Oliva Kalangwe, 34, died a week after his unnamed wife used a pointed high-heeled shoe to hit him.

Police confirmed the incident, saying Kalangwe sustained deep injuries in the head and forehead.

Kalangwe was initially assaulted by his wife on February 26. He reported the matter to the police and was issued with a medical form which he never returned.

His injuries became serious on March 1, leading to him being hospitalised at a hospital in Kapiri.

He, however, died on March 9.

In November last year, a woman only identified as Mrs Milumbe, allegedly hit her husband with a blunt instrument before running him over with a car. The couple was allegedly fighting for the custody of their two children after going on separation.

Source: News24